Papa's Burgeria To Go! App Reviews

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I like the game its so cool but coud you please add thing to buy please ?

Add papas wingeria to the App Store!!

Love this game its very nice!! But pls add papas wingeria because thats my favorite of all the others

Pls Add Wingeria

I love this game but please add Wingeria it is awesome and would be a great addition to the other amazing games!


I love this game. 1 of my favourite games.❤️❤️


I love the games and I enjoy them but its sad that u got to buy them all

Love it!

I love (and have) all the papas games! Itd be neat if all of them were on the App Store, like the wingeria and hotdogeria .

I LOVE THIS GAME!!! But one suggestion.

I LOVE THIS GAME! But can you add an update with more stuff in the shop. And more options to put on the burger. Please do that and this game will be perfect!

Needs update

The resolution is terrible please update your game and improve the resolution.

Update please

This is a really fun game. One of my favorites. But, it has some glitches. For instance when you press the grill button to make the burgers cook faster it freezes and you cant do anything. I hope theres and update soon. The store is lacking and you cant see the awards/achievements. I wish it was more like the other papas apps. But it is worth the money!

Pretty good!

Ive played this game for about 2 days and its addicting and I havent got any problems with the game yet

Make Wingeria

I would love to give you one more star except you dont have all of the PC versions I love this one but my favorite is Wingeria please make that one please


This is a good game but it glitches sometimes and the customers even there not closers are SUPER picky like once I put the mustard a little bit off center and they frowned at me like they were Jojo! Jojo is soooooooo picky I have never gotten 3 stars with Jojo!


Please update this, this was my favorite game since 2012/13 i think so please update

Make more

I like it but please add the wingeria and cheeseira

Brings back memories of my childhood

Except the customers are much friendlier :) Addictively fun and worth the buck! Would be nice to be able to mute music but keep the FX sounds active (or use your own iTunes music). Also would be nice to view achievements.

I absolutely love this game.nwhen it Saves!!

This game is amazing brings back so many memories from my childhood but when I exited out of the game it was at rank 12 day 20 but when I open the game back up it was back at rank seven day 11 this wasted so much of my time I am beyond on Peeved and want to request a refund this is not the first time this has happened get it fixed please!

Great Game

This game is super fun to play and is definitely worth the dollar. But- It would be better if the ribbons from JoJo would stay hung up forever instead of just 3 days. Also- It would be better if you could see your achievements. Overall great game!!


When I payed 99c and I opened it up it was a black pg

Love it but...

I have no problems with this game except for the fact that after so many times, the levels stop increasing difficulty. Needs to be updated more.


Awesome as all the papa games are

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