Papa's Burgeria To Go! App Reviews

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Fun game worth a buck

Fun worth a dollar love all the games in series

Update needed

This is one of the best games Ive played in a long time on my iPhone but this game only took about a week to buy everything in the store so it would be great if there were some customizable options for your character or something like that but over all amazing game and it would also be great if you made me games like the hotdog maker I would buy that

Very good game!!

Its very fun and can get repetitive but the new customers and possible achievements make it more interesting! I would definitely recommended its definitely worth the money!

Great port of an amazing classic!

I love this game so much! Im glad that flipline made it playable on iPhone, and I hope that that they continue to make games for years to come.

awesome game!

its so much fun to mess around at the building-section and create the silliest burgers on earth, but also if you play it seriously this game is a real challenge.


Some times it freezes and the buttons dont work and there are glitches and some closers are just mean no matter how good there burgers are made


I cant believe its now an app! I like the baseball version though…


Good but I would like to so papas freezeria

It freezes a lot!!!

I love this game its very fun but it froze completely and now I cant play it!!!!! Very good and everyone vote UTAH for papas next chefs on flipline blog!!!!


My favorite iOS games are the ones that dont include micro transactions, and this is one of my favorite games. It is not as fast paced as many other iPhone restaurant games I have played but in many ways it makes it more enjoyable. I am past my 60th day in the game and I plan on playing till I gold star all the customers. Dont listen to the reviews that say the game stays the same level of difficulty throughout because it doesnt. If you play the game for a while you will know that the game keeps adding variables to hold your attention. It hasnt froze on me once and Im playing it on a 2009 iPod touch lol. I hope they make more of these games!


This games amazing. But can you make the games that were on the computer like papas taco mia, papas hotdoggeria and papas freezeria. Make it for iPod and iPhone and iPad.


If you love papa games, this is just one you can play anywhere. Its so FUN!


The best game ever Ive played it on the computer and I loved it and now I play and I fall in love so awesome. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!!!!!get it

Love it!!!

I think the app is really awesome love the game but please get papas freezeria that one is my favourite or papas pancakaria for the iPod!!!!


I just love it!! Its awesome! But I would LOVE to have papas freezeria cause its one of my favorite!

Super fun game!!!!!

This game is so fun I cant stop playing and its totally worth the money!!!!

Amazing but more versions

This game is amazing and awesome so fun. So I was wondering if u could make more like all the ones on the computer like wingeria and cakeria and pizzeria and ones like that. I would get them all


This game is AwSoMe

So far really fun game!

This game has been really fun so far!! I first played this on the computer but when I saw this in the App Store I had to get it!!! Would highly recommend it!!!

I love this

The only thing i would like more is if we could design the shop and buy more stuff

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